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There is so much for us to get to know about each other, but for now, I can tell you a little about me! I am 22 years old and passionate about many things. Aside from taking photos, some of my favorite things to do are spend time with family and friends, workout, learn about nutrition, grocery shop, and plan for anything I can think of. I am recently married to my best friend in the whole world! This year, I graduated from Liberty University majoring in Business Finance and Financial Planning with a minor in Accounting. Now, I am a full time wedding photographer in Georgia + pursuing my functional diagnostic nutrition practioner certification!

More important than anything above is that I love Jesus and my entire mission of my business is to serve and love on my clients the way Jesus does. No matter who you are, you are loved and I want to serve you to the best of my ability!

nice to meet you, i'm hannah!


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Booking your vendors is scary because there is so much emphasis on the wedding day. Will the colors look right? Will the dress fit perfectly? Will the cake taste good?

Don't get me wrong, I love to make an event feel like an event. I want people to leave your wedding saying wow. But more than saying wow about the wedding itself, I hope people feel on your day that they got to celebrate the marriage you are entering into and the love you have for eachother.

That is why I am not just there to take your photos. I am there to serve you. I am there to grab you water, help with that stain, find your mom - whatever you need, I want to serve you. You should feel loved + celebrated on your day.

the wedding day is about celebrating you + your marriage

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